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Ten Reasons to Consider Selling 
  1. Margins are getting crushed - This is no secret, especially on the east coast, where office supply companies have made an impact.
  2. Re-invention (investment) is required to stay competitive – Do you have the energy and capital to implement the next wave of technology?
  3. The Merger/Acquisition window is closing – More than one expert says money will tighten after 2018.
  4. Amazon is preparing to compete – That’s not accurate. They are already competing.
  5. Costs are rising – On every level, including healthcare and business insurance.
  6. There are more buyers than you think – They just need to know who you are.
  7. Vending faces obsolescence – Markets are taking over, but will location revenue justify the switch in smaller locations?
  8. Nutritional challenges never end – National, state and local restrictions will only get tougher.
  9. Capital gains tax reduction - 2018? – We can’t be sure, but a reduction makes 2018 the year to sell.
  10. Retirement is Fantastic! – Travel, reduce stress, be healthy and enjoy life.
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